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Happy birthday, Harry James Potter! July 31, 1980

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Do you love Sword Art Online?

Did you know that it started out as a light novel?

Do you want to read it?

If you answered yes to these questions, then you will be happy to know that it is currently available at the Decatur Public Library for your reading pleasure!


I love this quote from @ifistayofficial the movie..

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Ame and Yuki are part wolf and part human. Their father was half wolf and their mother, Hana, is all human. Though this is an important part of the story, it is not what the book is about. This is a story about growing up and finding your own path, about siblings and the loss of a loved one, acceptance, and about letting children grow up to be their own person. Wolf Children Ame and Yuki is a beautiful blend of heartache, happiness, and hope. Not to mention that the art work is fantastic and the few pages in full color were a treat to see sprinkled throughout the book. I highly recommend this manga to anyone that wants to read a slice of life story with a twist.


Newspaper Blackouts by Austin Kleon

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Oh man, these are amazing!

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This is so unbelievably cute and funny! I want the second volume right now!! The cover made me think this was going to be a little different from what it actually is but that’s ok. I was not disappointed. Actually, I was kind of relieved. Haru gets into a lot of fights. Mainly because he stands up for himself and others. This gets him a violent reputation in school so he just refuses to go. Shizuku is driven to be number one in her class and she gets suckered into taking Haru his work one day after school. This is how they meet. Haru is really sweet, the saving animals and taking them home kind of sweet, but he’s clueless and lonely. Shizuku is driven and cold and tries to fight off the friendship that Haru wants to have. All of this seems like typical manga but there is so much more going on with these characters. If My Little Monster continues in the same way as it started, I think it’s going to quickly become one of my favorite mangas.

A movie adaptation of Grasshopper Jungle!!


A summer with books / Un verano con los libros (ilustración de 呓呓)

So cute!

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